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Ist “Die Cloud” sicher? – Sicher im Vergleich zu was?

Der Artikel ist im DUB Unternehmermagazin als 2. Teil unserer Reihe über Cloud Tools und die Zukunft der Arbeit erschienen. Bild-Quelle: 1st8 / Wie bereits angekündigt setzen wir unsere Reihe zum Thema “Cloud” mit einer der brennendsten und gerne gestellten Fragen  fort: Ist “Die Cloud” sicher? Unsere Arbeit ist bereits heute durch exzessiven Austausch von Informationen […]

The most important skill of an entrepreneur

Sex Sells? – Photo by Klaus Klee / I am often asked what I think is the important skill of an entrepreneur and my answer remains the same for the last 10 years: It´s SALES. Many founders somehow like the idea of hiring a sales intern and let them do the “dirty work” of […]

Future Of Work Series Part III: Secure Your Cloud Application

Image source: Article in the German Magazin “Unternehmermagazin” about IT security and cloud services. There seems not one month without a new password scam that scares users of cloud services like Gmail, Google Apps or Facebook and makes them change their passwords and hope for the best. Apart from the fact that it is really […]

Future Of Work Series Part II: Turning Manual Processes Into Automated Micro-Workflows

Image Source: Chuckman’s Collection (Chicago Postcards Volume 8). This image shows the Sears, Roebuck fulfillment center around 1916. Back than manual paper processes were part of the everyday work.   A process is anything from a serial letter to sending out a feedback questionnaire for 200 employees that you have to evaluate in the end. […]

Work & Play

Last week my wife and I have visited our good friends Dan and Suzanne. Dan and I the “two boys” were actually  supposed to cut the grass. Instead of cutting the grass we took a “small” break from work and did some slalom skiing and drone filming. What came into my mind was this quote […]

Future of Work Series Part I: Feed Communication

At minute 27:50 – Steve Jobs (1990) talking about the revolution in collaboration sparked by this “new thing” called E-Mail. Among others at Blackboat we support our clients to implement the next generation online collaboration and enterprise tools. It is my strongly believe that every organization should work on keeping up with the pace of innovation […]

Company Building Hangout

Vor ein paar Tagen hatten wir einen spontanen Hangout zum Thema: Was ist eigentlich Company Building und wie verstehen wir es bei Blackboat, wenn wir Firmen in diesem Bereich unterstützen. Zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Olaf Bach, Dozent für Organisationsentwicklung an der School of Humanities and Social Sciences der Hochschule St. Gallen (HSG) und Christian Emigholz, Crew […]

Train your attention muscle

Article by Christoph Magnussen.  Our intention in creating Zencover 4 years ago, was to give people a tool, that helps them to focus on the important things and reduce distractions. Keeping up the attention especially in times of iPhone addicted zombies (I am one myself) is really hard. The more you train to focus on things […]

Courage – the secret driving force behind any successful company

This article was written by Christoph Magnussen as part of the preparation for the 43rd St. Gallen Symposium about “Rewarding Courage”, Photo by: table / “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that […]

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