On a mission to create the #FUTUREOFWORK

Christoph Magnussen MAG - by Tim Falkenhagen Blog


I’m Christoph. Dad, husband, entrepreneur. Founder and Partner of Blackboat. Co-founder of companies like Asgoodasnew/Wirkaufens, Steakfreunde and Zencover.  On a mission to create the #futureofwork. In short: bringing new ways of collaboration and communication to companies that want to scale fast – of course without having a heart attack. We work with new tools and technologies such as Slack, Google for Work, Pipedrive etc. Just like Fax in the 80ies, E-Mail in the 90ies or Blackberry in the noughties. So if you want to stay ahead – stay with us.

What else? I keep my camera rolling and have a passion for filmmaking. If you like it follow me on Instagram.