On a mission to create the ‘New Way of Work’


I’m Christoph. Dad, husband and internet entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Blackboat. Co-founder of companies like asgoodasnew.com, Steakfreunde and Zencover

I love how technology changes how we work and live. That’s why me and my team is currently on a mission to create the #newwayofwork. In short: bringing new ways of collaboration and communication to companies that want to scale fast – of course without having a heart attack. At my company we work with tools such as Slack, Google for Work, Pipedrive etc. Just like Fax in the 80ies, E-Mail in the 90ies or Blackberry in the noughties. So if you want to stay ahead – stay with us.

What else?

I always keep my camera rolling and have a passion for filmmaking (checkout YouTube and Snapchat). And if you like to read more about the New Wa of Work and how we work at Blackboat follow me on Medium (my Blog)